9 Dαngєrous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Modern kitchens include glass stovetops more and more often because of their streamlined appearance and ease of cleaning. But be cautious not to break or damage a glass cooktop; they are fragile. Here are nine things you should never do while using a glass cooktop that might cause serious injury.
Step One: Cleaning with Rough or Abrasive Agents

Because of its susceptibility to scratches, glass stovetops should not be cleaned with harsh or abrasive products. Instead, use a mild cleaning made for glass stovetops and a delicate cloth to prevent the surface from being damaged.

Placing heavy pots and pans on a glass cooktop increases the likelihood that it may crack or break, as it is not as strong as a conventional gas stovetop. For the sake of your glass cooktop, only use thin-bottomed pans and other lightweight cookware. Refrain from using heavy, uneven-bottomed cookware, such as cast iron.
3. Moving Cookware Across the Rangetop

Scratching and damaging the surface of the glass cooktop might happen if you drag pots and pans over it. Cookware should never be slid; this is particularly true when it is partially or fully filled with food or fluids.
4. Debris and Spills That Remain