Avoid these 9 harmful habits while using a glass stovetop at all costs.

Failure to swiftly clear up spills might cause them to be baked into glass surfaces. This is dangerous for the cooktop and may leave ugly stains. Remove any liquid spills immediately.
Fifthly, using unclean cookware
Using unclean cookware increases the risk of surface damage to the cooktop owing to residue and filth. When cooking on a glass cooktop, it is imperative that all cookware be well cleaned before use.
6. Setting a glass cooktop on top of a heated lid

There is a risk of burns when using a glass cooktop with a hot lid placed face down. The glass cooktop might break or fracture due to the rapid temperature change, causing harm or damage to one's belongings.

This is due to the fact that glass is not a good heat conductor and may get strained and broken when subjected to heat. The glass cooktop is vulnerable to cracking due to the rapid and dramatic temperature shift that results from placing the hot lid on top of it.

The best method to prevent this from happening is to use a trivet or another heat-resistant surface to set hot lids on. If you want to avoid heat shock, it's smart to wait a few minutes for the lid to cool down before setting it on anything.

7. Disregarding Damaged Areas

Taking a look at your glass cooktop for signs of damage is important. The cooktop might break at any moment if it has even a little chip or crack that grows over time. Do not delay in getting a professional to fix or replace the cooktop.
8. Reheating a Vessel That Is Not Filled

You should never use a glass cooktop to heat an empty skillet or pot. Overheating the skillet or pot could crack the cooktop. Make sure your cookware is filled with food or liquid before you put it on the cooktop.
9. Disregarding the Directions Provided by the Manufacturer

It is crucial to thoroughly study the manufacturer's directions before caring for and cleaning any glass cooktop. Damage or even safety risks may result from not following these directions.