Cooked this up for the fam last night and it was a total hit - plate was wiped clean!

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The golden, crisp top layer—typically formed of breadcrumbs, cheese, or egg and butter—is what makes the delicious French technique known as au gratin renowned. This dish is the epitome of a hearty and tastefully soothing cheesy potato au gratin with peas. Because it blends the smokiness of the ham with the richness of the cheese, this recipe is ideal for creating something new out of leftover ham. This dish is perfect for a warm and comforting family supper in the winter, or whenever you're craving something filling and healthy.
Pair it with a light green salad drizzled with vinaigrette to cut through the richness, or serve it with a crisp sauvignon blanc to contrast the creamy texture. To make it a main course, try grilling some chicken or fish. Steamed green beans or tangy coleslaw are bright and refreshing side dishes.

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