The Advantages of Using Mason Jars to Keep Fruit Instead of the Packaging They Come In


Although I love having fruit available, it often goes bad by the time I return from the store, which is very disappointing. Fortunately, there is a great storage tip that can help your fruit stay fresh for a longer time and taste even better.

Before you consider recycling the plastic wrapping from your fruit, be sure to take it off at the store. The next thing to do is to fill a large bowl or your sink with water after you have cleaned it. Add two small spoons of distilled vinegar afterwards. Next, put the fruit in the water and let it soak for another 10 to 15 minutes. The aim is to remove any bacteria or mold that might be on the fruit because it makes them spoil faster.

Once the fruit has been in the vinegar water for some time, remove it, place it in a strainer, and rinse it with cold water. Place a paper towel or cloth over the fruit and leave it to dry. Once the fruit is fully dry, put it in glass jars and close them securely. This is the best way to make fruit, especially berries, last longer. Berries are easily affected by germs and mold.