This is the only heavy duty floor cleaner recipe you need! My floors are spotless!

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Every part of our homes has an impact on our health and happiness, but the floors take the most abuse and should be kept as clean as possible. Our floors take a beating from everyone's muddy shoes and unintentional spills, so a regular mop isn't always enough to make them spotless. You may completely transform your cleaning routine into an efficient and productive procedure by discovering the ideal heavy-duty floor cleaner.
Maybe you're asking why you should keep reading this piece. This formula for a powerful floor cleaner is going to revolutionize the way you clean floors, and the solution is obvious. It will save you a ton of work and make your floors look like new at the same time. Now that we've established that you can obtain immaculate floors with ease, let's get into the specifics.

First, you'll need one cup of white vinegar.
2. Half a cup of baking soda
3 tablespoons of dish soap
4. One gallon of hot water
5. Optional: a few drops of essential oil for aroma