simple Ambrosia Salad recipe

This is just one of several recipes for Ambrosia Salad, one of my all-time favorite sweets! Serve this salad at your next gathering—it's perfect for gatherings of all ages because to its ease of preparation.

I'm going to share an oldie but goodie recipe with you all right now: Ambrosia Salad! My Aunt Judie and many of my friends and family members love this simple dessert salad. Making it at home is SO simple, there's no excuse to buy it at the deli. You will adore this traditional salad just as much as I do.

Salads like these, in my opinion, will always be in vogue...Curious about the reason for this? Simply said, their flavor is out of this world. Not hard at all. Good times. They're easy to reach. Children adore them. Even adults like them. Good for picnics, barbecues, and other social gatherings. Am I still in the minority here?

Ambrosia salad is something I've loved for a long time. It has been a long time since my Aunt Judie first showed it to me. She loves it. The trouble is, if you want to get it from the supermarket, the prices are a little exorbitant. As an example, a small container costs $5. This whole salad may be prepared for about $4. That is all. ("And you can do it too!")