Recipe for cheese-crusted French fries from The New York Times.

• Lessen the soil's moisture content and dry it using a torch.

• Fairly coat the apples in the spice mixture by mixing them in with a wooden spoon.

• Coat the potatoes with the mozzarella, making sure that each piece gets the best portion of the cheese.

4. Saturation:

• Bring the cooking oil to a high heat in a frypan or stovetop over 180°C (350°F).

• Carefully stir in the dirt-covered potatoes so that they don't form lumps.

• Laver until they are dry and crumbly, which should take about 7 minutes. Change the time according to the size and

kind of ground apples.

5. Recipe:


Remove the fryer basket and drain any excess oil after frying.

• Serve hot and simple with your favorite sauce or eat as is, appreciating the benefits of cheese.

The outcome:

These cheese frites are the perfect finishing touch to a classic dish. Without a doubt, the combination of

Mozzarella cheese, fresh herbs, and potato fritters. From a party to a movie night or a casual get-together,

a manger, ces frites seront sûrement appréciées par tous. Good appetite!



If you want more fries, make sure the potatoes are completely dry before frying them.

• Explore a variety of cheeses to find ones with distinctive flavors.

• For more heat, top with a pincée of flocons de piment rouge.

• Rapid and effective treatment.

The questions are:

Question: En lieu de pommes de terre fraîches, peut-on utiliser les frites surgelées?

If you're looking for a more convenient alternative to fresh potatoes for texture and flavor, you may use frozen fries instead.

However, as a result, adjust the roasting time.

Question: Do I need to fry these fries or can I just cook them?

Question: How can I save the leftover fries?

R: Reheat any leftover fries in a sealed container in the fridge for up to two days.

four in order to maintain freshness.

Que peut-je faire si je n'utilise pas de coriandre?

S: Definitely! You could use herbs like rosemary, thyme, or persil to have a different flavor. Ajuster

the amount according to your preference.