Put toilet paper in the fridge: the trick that solves a problem we all have

You may think it's weird to store toilet paper in the refrigerator. This gadget is quite helpful while cooking. Some people even use it to solve a problem that comes up often in their life. The article goes on to explain why these paper rolls should be stored in the refrigerator.
Did it occur to you? You can find yourself using the same roll of toilet paper in both the kitchen and the bathroom, rather than just the one. There is an advantage, but few people are aware of it. You may still do an experiment by placing a roll in the refrigerator and seeing what happens!

May I inquire as to the outcome of storing toilet paper in the refrigerator?
You may find new uses for toilet paper. Upon arrival at your refrigerator, the contents and thickness of this apparently innocuous roll of paper may exert an unforeseen influence.

Putting toilet paper in the fridge can keep bad odors at bay.
A little-known secret is that if any unpleasant odors have gathered in your refrigerator, using toilet paper can eliminate them. Alternatively, keep a couple rolls in the pantry for maximum benefit. Actually, the cellulose in toilet paper has an absorption ability that might eliminate unpleasant odors created by food. All it takes to eliminate bad odors is to place one roll on a refrigerator shelf. Plus, toilet paper soaks it up. The water molecules that land on fruits and vegetables are trapped, allowing them to retain more of their natural water content. A similar procedure involves storing caps in a cup in the fridge. Swap out every 7 days!

For the best results, replace the toilet paper as soon as it becomes wet.

More ways to get rid of that icky smell in the fridge
Some goods, including ripe fruit, cured meats, and cheeses stored in the fridge, tend to release unpleasant smells. You could be able to permanently eliminate them with these all-natural solutions.

Regularly wipe out the fridge with white vinegar.

Keeping the freezer clean