Put salt in the washing machine detergent, grandma’s trick: this happens to your clothes

Is there a secret to using coarse salt in the washing machine? It helped our grandmas get their garments spotless and very soft. You may expect to see improvements after including this inexpensive and all-natural component.

Coarse salt as a washing machine additive was formerly popular and is making a comeback due to its efficacy and ease of use, particularly for those unfamiliar with this kind of household chore.

Coarse salt is a common substance that everyone can use well, even if they aren't an expert. It demonstrates to be a product that can guarantee great results quickly, whether washed in the machine or by hand.

It is safe to use on any kind of clothing, no matter how delicate, since it is all-natural and won't harm the fabric. It takes just a few minutes to make the clothes appear like new again, and unlike bleach, it removes stains and whitens without damaging even the finest textiles. How can we use salt in our washing machines and on our hands?

For very pale foods and beverages, coarse salt is ideal.