As a granny once told me, "when you put salt in the laundry detergent, this is what happens to your clothes."

You may use coarse salt, a unique natural component, to whiten your clothes without bleach. For those who have never used a washing machine before and are unsure about how to load the machine, choose the appropriate detergent, or set the appropriate wash cycle, this is an excellent option.

For those who aren't great with washing machines, coarse salt is great since it whitens garments effectively without damaging fibers.

Listed below are some of the many methods in which you may make use of this substance, which is readily available in most households, inexpensive, and very effective.

The best way to use coarse salt to erase stains
Also used for washing machine maintenance, coarse salt
Coarse salt is fantastic for both your clothing and your washing machine. Actually, using this great natural component—which you likely already have on hand—you can do routine and accurate maintenance on your appliance without breaking the bank.

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to wash garments that are stained? In only a few minutes, you may have spotless clothes by using coarse salt to remove stubborn stains. This substance will turn any color, even white, and remove stains from clothing.

In the washing machine drum, add a handful of coarse salt to the detergent you normally use in the designated area. You may also use this method to wash denim and colorful clothing, and the outcome will be just as good.

Because of its remarkable anti-limescale activity, salt softens water and aids in washing machine unclogging. Run a full load of laundry with one kilogram of coarse salt in the drum to keep limescale buildup at bay. To dissolve the salt and remove scale, start a high-temperature wash.

Make sure to use coarse salt even while washing by hand.
Not only is coarse salt great for machine washing, but it may also be used for hand washing. Here's a way to include this all-natural substance:

A couple of liters of chilly water should fill the basin.
Before submerging the laundry in the water, add three teaspoons of coarse salt.
Set aside for 30 minutes to soak.

After the allotted time has elapsed, rinse the garments and wash them by hand using your regular method and detergent. All of the dirt and stains on your clothing will be gone.