One tablespoon in the washing machine will reveal the secret to perfectly ironed whites every time.

Before you even think about purchasing clothing, you need to know what you're getting. Jeans and stretch sweaters, for instance, need less ironing to be neat and tidy. For instance, things become trickier if you choose for linen garments.

Use an ironing board

Use an ironing board
However, picking out the right machine wash is already half the battle when dealing with troublesome textiles; in reality, you need to choose a short cycle with a low spin speed to avoid over-wrinkling the washing.

Make sure the washing machine is not overloaded; this will reduce the likelihood of clumping. After the wash is complete, remove the garments from the drum and hang them up as quickly as you can.

Substitute apple cider vinegar for fabric softener; this will soften the clothes and, after a good sun drying, make them silky smooth.

Other supporters who choose not to iron
If you want to avoid ironing too much, there are a few things you can do at home. The first is to wash and choose your clothing carefully.

If you despise ironing, you should consider the dryer, a wonderful ally. In fact, using it to dry garments guarantees wrinkle- and pin-mark-free drying and drastically cuts down on ironing time.

Your clothing-hanging technique will take on more significance in the absence of a dryer. Actually, to avoid having your clothing too wrinkled, you need to be cautious while hanging them, caressing them softly and spreading them out thoroughly with your hands.

Next, take everything off as soon as it dries, not after a few hours or even days. This will prevent the cleaned clothing, tablecloths, and other items from air drying, ensuring that they retain their suppleness.

Next, fold the cleaned items; this is a crucial step that must not be rushed. Actually, lay out all of the items on a table. Then, carefully fold each item of clothing, making sure to pull properly on the sleeves, pockets, and hems.// a>

The next step, if you'd like even better ironing results, is to stack heavy books in the closet or drawers on top of the folded garments.