It is a big mistake to add only water to cook rice. Apply this trick!

Find out a secret that will revolutionize rice cooking! We often forget how crucial the liquid is when making this pantry staple.

If you add only water, you risk ruining the end product. But have no fear; we have a secret that will prepare the most delicious rice you have ever tasted.

In this lesson, you will find out how changing a few elements can transform every grain of rice!

Tips & Tricks for Making Perfect Steamed Rice
1- Let's wash the rice first, however we use too much water:
Too much washing is a typical blunder while steaming rice. The rice is often washed, rubbed, then washed again by many. The rice has to be peeled. This approach is quite problematic since it readily leads to the depletion of nutrients that are soluble in water.

The right way to do it is: