I found hotel receipts in my husband’s car, revealing a painful truth — but karma dealt with him harshly

Derek personifies the ideals of a devoted parent and doting spouse. His family can always count on him. The most important thing is that he worked very hard, even extra, so that his family could live comfortably.

From time to time, Derek had to travel for work. His wife was always there to support him and watch the kids while he was gone.

His wife found some paperwork and bits of paper while cleaning his car—something he normally did alone. A hotel bill from the time Derek mentioned conducting business with certain coworkers was among them. It was peculiar since the receipt had been placed at their hometown on behalf of a hotel.

There has to be a rationale for it, the wife thought to herself, but she was too afraid to face her husband about it. That said, that wouldn't stop her from looking into the topic further.