Karma was unforgiving to my spouse, but I discovered hotel invoices in his vehicle, which exposed a horrible reality.

It was a shocking sight to witness them up near and personal.
She climbed out of her hiding place and charged them, her excitement pumping. Their faces revealed a complex mix of emotions, including astonishment, guilt, and terror. Derek stammered through an explanation, but she would have none of it.
It wasn't until much later that she found out Derek had been seeing his mistress. She was a con artist, however, and he had no idea. Once she had his confidence, she insisted that they create a joint account to save for their future together, but she stole all the money.

His lover stole all of Derek's money and vanished once their affair became public knowledge.


Startled, he froze. It was clear he had feelings for her, but he had been tricked the same way he had manipulated his wife.
After Derek and his wife broke up, she began to question everything about their relationship. The effects of Derek's decisions on the marriage and the family's financial stability left an indelible mark on their once-vibrant house, which now seemed empty and lifeless. What started out as a mere piece of paper—the prenuptial agreement—became a protective measure meant to preserve the future of the children.