In ten minutes, these amazing garlic flatbreads are ready.

Mix the flour, baking powder, oil, water, and salt together in a large mixing basin.
Work the contents into a smooth, elastic dough by kneading it.
Forming the Flatbreads: Separate the dough into little, uniform pieces.
Each portion should be rolled into a ball and then flattened into a thin, circular flatbread.
How to Cook Flatbreads:
Heat a griddle or nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.
Transfer the flatbreads to the heated pan and cook, rotating occasionally, until golden brown on both sides.
Garlic and herb brushing: In a small dish, combine the olive oil, minced herbs, and squeezed garlic.
For extra flavor, brush the flatbreads' tops with the garlic-herb oil mixture after they've finished cooking.
Advice for Making the Best Flatbreads
Dough Consistency: To get the nicest texture in your flatbreads, make sure the dough is smooth and well-kneaded.
Taste Variations: To create distinctive taste profiles, try varying the amount of herbs and spices in the oil combination.
Cooking Method: Keep a close eye on the flatbreads as they cook to avoid burning and guarantee uniform browning.
1. Is it possible to use whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour in the FAQs?

Yes, you can choose a healthier alternative to whole wheat flour. Remember that there may be some variations in the taste and texture.
Additionally see MUSHROOM PASTA 2. How should leftover flatbreads be stored?

Cool flatbreads may be kept for up to two days at room temperature in an airtight receptacle or zip-top bag. Warm up a little before serving.
3. Is the flatbread dough freezer-friendly?

The dough may really be frozen for later use. It should be carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and put in a freezer-safe bag. Before usage, let it thaw in the refrigerator.
4. What foods go well with freshly cooked flatbreads?

Because of their versatility, flatbreads may be paired with salads, soups, and dips or used as the foundation for sandwiches and wraps.
5. How thinly should I lay out the dough for the flatbread?

Choose a thickness that will enable the flatbread to cook through without being too doughy or thick.
With this easy recipe, you can now make delicious handmade flatbreads to wow your loved ones. Take pleasure in creating these savory and adaptable loaves in your own home!