I promise that using this method will get rid of all the pests, flies, and mosquitoes as the days become warmer.

Although they may be an irritation throughout the year, pests like flies and mosquitoes are more prevalent during the warmer months. Strong chemicals used in commercial insect traps and repellents may be harmful to kids, pets, and the environment.

If you'd rather take a safer and greener route, you may make your own traps using items found about the house. These easy-to-assemble DIY traps are made using common home objects that are secure for usage with kids and animals. This article teaches you how to create a fly and mosquito trap at home with only three simple

Provisional goods

vinegar, one cup measurement

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/4 cup of shampoo with your preferred scent

a shallow or oval plate

Step 1: Gather Required Items: In the tiny bowl, combine the vinegar and shampoo. Stir the vinegar and shampoo together to ensure they are well mixed.

Add the olive oil. Gradually pour in the olive oil into the basin. As the liquid rises to the top, a thin layer of oil ought to accumulate on the surface.

Set Up the Trap: