I promise that using this method will get rid of all the pests, flies, and mosquitoes as the days become warmer.

Position the basin in an area where a lot of flies or mosquitoes are often seen. Any damp areas, including those around windows or doors, might be a

Vinegar is a great bait for flies and mosquitoes because of its strong and tasty scent. Apple cider vinegar works especially well since it naturally ferments food, which attracts these insects.

Entrapment: The shampoo in the mixture reduces the surface tension of the vinegar, making it easier for insects to sink when they attempt to land on its surface.

The olive oil creates a slick layer on top of the mixture. Fly and mosquito suffocation caused by the oil occurs as they enter the trap, especially via the holes in the plastic wrap, making it difficult for them to escape.


You may use this trap anywhere in the home without fearing harm to your children or pets. Put it someplace out of reach, however, if spills are a concern.

You should replace the trap mixture if it becomes too full or if you check on it on a daily basis.