German Potato Pancakes

Instead of the usual pancakes, try these German potato pancakes. Combined with Bratwurst sausage, they provide an excellent supper. Cranberry sauce and maple syrup are my go-to toppings for my.
The potato pancakes known as latkes are a popular dish served during the Hanukkah celebration, which is also known as the festival of lights. The Maccabees' tale is remembered throughout Hanukkah. The temple in Jerusalem was captured by a wicked king more than two thousand years ago. In their struggle to recover the temple, the Maccabees clashed with the monarch. The Maccabees attempted to rekindle the holy Menorah after their victory. The seven-branched candelabra known as the Menorah was intended to be lit continuously. There was barely enough oil for one day when they attempted to light the Menorah. The little container of oil, nevertheless, performed a miracle and lasted for a whole eight days and nights. As a global Jewish community, we commemorate this miracle and the holiday of Hanukkah by partaking in fried dishes like latkes.

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