Examining the Strange Custom of Sleeping with an Onion in Your Socks

It's true that the interesting folk medicine of stuffing onions into your socks before bed has been handed down through the years. It may seem strange, but several people swear by its alleged health advantages. Let's examine this technique and its components in more detail.

Sources and Assertions
The idea of putting slices of onion in socks most likely came from old ideas that onions are naturally purifying. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances found in onions are believed to be absorbed via the skin as you sleep, improving your general health.

How It's Done: Setting Up:

Cut a clean, fresh onion into even slices.
Put a piece under each foot's arch.
Before retiring to bed, secure the onion slices with a pair of socks.
Ezoic Purported Advantages
Purification: Supporters of this method claim that since onions have antibacterial qualities, they may assist remove toxins from the blood, aiding in blood cleansing.
Enhanced Circulation: It is thought that applying onions to certain reflexology sites on the foot may promote a number of body processes.
Cold Prevention: According to some supporters, sleeping with onions in your socks may strengthen your immune system and lower your chance of getting the flu and colds.
Support from Science and Skepticism