The possible risks of Himalayan salt lamps for your pets.


"The veterinarians were very worried about her. They noticed she had neurological issues because she couldn't walk, hear, or see properly. She also had trouble eating and drinking because she couldn't control her tongue well," stated the cat's owner.

"She lost her basic senses and abilities within 12 hours." She was very vulnerable.

When the test results arrived, both the doctors and Ruby's owners were surprised. The cat was found to have a serious case of salt poisoning that made her brain swell.

"The salt poisoning happened because of a regular salt lamp we had in our living room." Ruby consumed the salt by just licking the lamp.

Everyone agrees that Ruby's survival is a miracle because salt poisoning is lethal to animals. The issue is that once animals start licking these lamps, they can't stop because they find the taste addictive.