The Advantages of Sleeping on Your Left Side Might Amaze You


It might be a good idea to change how you sleep, even if you usually sleep on your left side, back, or stomach.

This way of sleeping can help make you healthier and more comfortable.

Herbalist Ali Ramadan, who is also known as @holisticali, discussed the advantages of sleeping on your left side in a TikTok video that received 406.9k likes.

Ramadan shared enough information in just fifteen seconds to convince anyone to start sleeping on their left side.

"One comment said they changed their mind after watching this video." "I tested it, and it really does make a difference," said another user.

Ramadan suggests that sleeping on your left side can help with heartburn and stomach problems, as well as improve the quality of your sleep.

Ramadan explains that sleeping on the left side can help prevent heartburn and digestive issues because it keeps the stomach and its juices lower than the esophagus.