The Advantages of Sleeping on Your Left Side Might Amaze You


He also said that sleeping in this position, which doesn't put too much pressure on the back, can help reduce any existing back pain.

You might always prefer to sleep in a specific position. We know that. To decide if it's worth going to the other side, we asked experts for help.

Who wins in the end?
To help you understand better, Sleepopolis talked to Jeff Kahn, who is a co-founder of Rise Science and an expert in sleep health. Kahn states that there is no correct way to sleep. However, pregnant individuals or those with certain health problems might feel better sleeping on their left side.

"For example, it could be beneficial for pregnant women because it can improve blood flow to the heart, helping both the mother and the baby," Kahn explained.

Side sleeping can also help people who feel sick, not just pregnant women.

"He also mentioned that it is believed to aid digestion and decrease heartburn, which can be helpful for people with stomach problems," he stated.

Kahn also mentioned that lying on your left side can help food move more easily through your digestive system because of the way your body's digestive tract is shaped.

"This happens because of how the digestive system is arranged; when you lie on your left side, gravity can assist in moving food from your small intestine to your large intestine," he explained. "When you lie on your left side, your stomach is positioned lower than your esophagus. This makes it more difficult for stomach acid to move up into the esophagus and cause acid reflux."

Martin Seeley, the founder and CEO of Mattress Next Day, talked about the benefits of sleeping on your left side for your heart health in an interview with Sleepopolis.

"Sleeping on your left side can improve blood flow and is often suggested for people with heart problems or high blood pressure." This role helps the body get more oxygen, which could enhance heart health," Seeley explained. "Sleeping on your right side can limit blood flow to parts of your body like your legs and feet."

Even though it seems better to sleep on your left side, Kahn pointed out that there is not enough evidence to back up this idea.

In the end, it is important to choose a sleeping position that helps you sleep well and fits your body.

"The ideal way to sleep is the one that feels most comfortable for you and helps you get a good night's rest," stated Kahn.

It might be a good idea to keep sleeping in the same position you usually do if you want to sleep well. The worst thing is to start the day in a bad mood.

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