I felt surprised when my daughter told me what she saw! Please read the entire story.


"It's the screen of the computer that you are always looking at." Are you giving Ellie enough attention? It doesn't seem like it. Every evening when I return from work, she is alone.Dani did everything she could to make Nathan happy, but she eventually stopped because he was never satisfied with what she did.
Dani noticed that her marriage was falling apart and chose to end it because she didn't have the energy to fight against something that only existed in her husband's mind.

One day, Nathan told Dani they needed to move because he had a job offer. Dani was fine with the choice to relocate to another city because Ellie was in elementary school and Dani worked from home. She secretly wished that the change would improve their marriage.

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When Ellie changed schools, Dani noticed that her daughter started misbehaving at home. She even found her crying in her room one day.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" Worried, Dani asked.

"Miss Allen is not the mother I want!" You should be my mother. Ellie began to cry.

Dani felt a sudden chill. Ellie's teacher was Miss Allen.
She asked, "Why did she decide to be your mother?"

Ellie started sharing with her mom all the things she had found out recently, crying as she spoke. She felt like the heavy weight on her shoulders was starting to go away.

Yesterday, when my dad came to pick me up from school, Miss Allen asked me to wait outside while she talked to him. Even though I didn't catch everything, I heard her promise to improve as a mother to me. Her father laughed at what she said.

Nathan was in a romantic relationship.

That night, Dani gave Nathan a drink after making sure Ellie was already sleeping.

"Sure," she began. "Miss Allen seems to get along well with Ellie."

He asked, his eyes lighting up. "Seriously?" "I knew that Ellie liked her."

"Is it enough for her new mother to be Miss Allen?" Dani asked. "What's happening, and please be honest with me."

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Feeling ashamed, Nathan looked down instead of up. However, he admitted to going to his daughter's teacher. Shortly after meeting, they started their relationship. That's not everything, though. He cheated on his partner with another woman from their old neighborhood, and she started asking for more than just being his lover. That's why he decided to move and switch jobs.

Dani understood at that moment that her marriage had ended.
She transferred Ellie to another school soon after because she wanted her to feel loved and protected, and not be involved in her father's cheating.

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Dani moved to a new house and started the process to end her marriage. Nathan can visit his daughter whenever he likes.

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