Enjoy making your own cheese at home with just milk and lemon.


Start by putting the milk in a big pot. Heat the milk slowly on the stove at medium heat, stirring now and then to avoid it sticking to the pot. Heat the milk until it is almost boiling. Look for small bubbles on the sides, but make sure it doesn't boil completely.

Squeeze some lemon juice into the hot milk and then lower the heat. Put in the lemon juice and mix it softly. You will notice the milk starting to thicken when the lemon juice's acid interacts with it. This is where amazing things occur! The lumps are what make your cheese.

Let it rest: Take the pot off the heat and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. During this period, the solid part of the milk will continue to separate from the liquid part, known as whey.

Drain the curds: Put a clean cheesecloth or a thin towel in a strainer and place it over a big bowl. Gently pour the mix into the strainer to separate the solid part from the liquid part. You can keep the leftover liquid whey for other recipes. It works well in baking or as a starting point for smoothies.

Squeeze the Cheese: Bring together the edges of the cloth with cheese and gently press to remove as much liquid as possible. After that, you can wrap the cloth around the cheese and hang it for a few hours or put it under something heavy to press it, which will make it harder.

Season and Taste: When your cheese is ready, remove the wrapping and add a little salt or your preferred herbs to taste. Your homemade cheese is now ready to be enjoyed!

This recipe is a fun and healthy way to make your own cheese at home. It is free from preservatives and artificial flavors found in store-bought cheeses. It's great for putting on crackers, mixing into salads, or just eating with a piece of fresh bread. Enjoy the joy of making tasty and healthy food in your own kitchen. Have fun making and enjoying your delicious dish!