Avocado and oatmeal make a great breakfast pair.


1 ready-to-eat avocado
Half a cup of oatmeal
1 cup of water or milk (to cook the oatmeal)
You can add honey, nuts, fresh fruits, or a little bit of cinnamon on top if you like.
Make the oatmeal. Start by preparing your oatmeal following the directions on the package. You can choose to use water or milk, depending on what you like. To make it creamier, it is suggested to use milk.

Get the Avocado Ready: While the oatmeal is cooking, cut your avocado in half, take out the seed, and scoop out the inside. You can cut it, chop it, or crush it, depending on how you want to add it to your oatmeal.

When the oatmeal is ready, put it in a bowl. Put your sliced avocado and any other toppings you like on top. Honey will make it sweet, nuts will give it crunchiness, fresh fruits will add freshness, and a bit of cinnamon will make it warm and spicy.

In only 10 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of oatmeal made even better with the creamy and buttery taste of avocado. This breakfast is fast and simple, and a great way to start your day with a meal full of healthy nutrients and delicious flavors. Whether you are having a calm morning at home or need a quick meal before leaving, this avocado and oatmeal breakfast will surely become a new favorite. Cheers to a nutritious and tasty beginning to your morning!