This Easy Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Squeaky Clean Throughout the Year!

Step Three: Soak in Vinegar Combine the salt and vinegar in a big basin. Toss the lemons in the mixture and coat them well. The vinegar and salt work as preservatives, extending the time that the lemons retain their freshness and zing.

Stage 4: Consolidating After you've sterilized the jar, add the lemons. Intersperse the lemons with the bay leaves and garlic cloves as you stack them. These provide a wonderful perfume and taste to the lemons while also providing an additional barrier for preservation.

Next, seal and put it away. After you've filled the jar full of lemons, seal the lid firmly. Put the jar somewhere cool and dry, out of the reach of direct sunshine. This would work well at the rear of a cabinet or pantry.

So that was the conclusion! A quick and easy method to extend the life of your lemons' freshness. Not only is this approach functional, but it also gives your kitchen a gourmet twist. Use lemons in salads, cocktails, or anything else that calls for a little citrus flavor. I hope you like cooking!