The Best Way to Clean Kitchen Walls of Oil

The best way to clean a wall of frying oil

What we'll need to make this DIY remedy are:

Supply items
Paper towels, three clean cloths, and hot vinegar
Method1: Wearing gloves to protect our hands is a must before any cleaning.
After that, we use absorbent paper to wipe off any excess oil, making an effort to get rid of any surface debris.

3-Heat one or two cups of white vinegar in a saucepan. After soaking a towel in vinegar, we carefully wipe the oil streaks away.

4-Using another clean towel, we will rinse the area thoroughly with hot water.

5-Now we'll dry the whole wall with a dry towel.

6-Repeat the process until it is entirely clean, especially if the older stains are the most difficult to remove.

Reminder: The wall paint might be damaged if we use vinegar too much, so let's be cautious. We may also get the greatest outcomes by using various home methods.

Fruit: lemon

The acidity of lemon, a natural component, may dissolve oil and grease stains on kitchen walls. To do this, all we need to do is squeeze one lemon into a container and soak the cloth in the liquid. Next, we need to let the cloth sit over the stains for a few minutes. As you watch, the spots will gradually become whiter. Finally, we may remove any extra lemon by passing a dry towel over them. Since we risk discoloring colorful walls if we try this approach on white ones, white walls are the ideal choice.

In order to remove oil stains with flour, all you have to do is sprinkle some flour on them and let them for half an hour. A hot, moist towel is ideal for wiping off the flour after it has gradually absorbed all the oil, which will happen gradually over time. Apply a little more stain remover with a brush and wipe out any excess with a fresh cloth if the spot is very noticeable.

That concludes everything! With that ease, we can clean our wall of oil stains. If you enjoyed the post, be sure to check out our website for more tips you're sure to love!