Removes toxins, melts fat and lowers blood pressure

While you won't see immediate results, you should start to see a change after only a few days of consuming this beverage. Excess water retention, fat deposits, and excessive blood pressure may all be effectively reduced with the help of the following recipe. It also cleanses the blood and body.

Recipe Items
Ginger, either grated or powdered, 2 tablespoons, and apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons
A lemon's juice
A measure of one cup of hot water
honey, 2 tablespoons 1. Make it first thing in the morning without food by mixing all the ingredients. For the following twenty minutes, abstain from eating anything else.

This beverage is best consumed first thing in the morning since it aids digestion, decreases blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and is rich in calcium and vitamin C. Otherwise, you'd spend too much time in the evening going to the bathroom.