My Girlfriend Left My Dog at the Shelter While I Was at Work — When I Went to Take Him Home, He Was Gone

I knew he was supposed to be mine the second I stepped foot in the shelter and laid eyes on him—a 4-month-old Great Pyrenees missing an eye and a paw. During that period, I was engulfed in the darkest pit of my existence. I had tried suicide twice after being devastated by the death of my parents in a car accident. Deciding to adopt him was more like entering into a covenant between two spirits, one lacking pieces but whole when joined. From the moment I christened him Frankie, we were inseparable.

I couldn't have weathered the seemingly unending rain without Frankie, who was more than just a pet to me. With his unfaltering devotion and boundless affection, he made up for the loss of my parents. Because I knew he was always there for me, I set up surveillance cameras around my house so I could check on him and make sure he had everything he needed when I was late for work.

He became my world, adoring food, belly rubs, and any display of affection. As far as I was concerned, Frankie was the most significant "person" on this planet, not just a dog.

Getty Images has this adorable Great Pyrenees dog.

Leslie and I have a unique relationship, and I was honest about Frankie when we first met. She appeared to comprehend it, and Frankie and her became close throughout our three years together. Prior to our discussions about moving in together, everything was going swimmingly.