Just a teaspoon, and suddenly the orchid miraculously blooms many flowers.

A simple, eco-friendly trick: use coffee to transform your orchid care regimen. Since orchids thrive in slightly acidic to neutral (pH 6.0 - 7.5) conditions, coffee is a great natural additive for orchids. Its acidity and antibacterial qualities shield plants from pests and root rot while simultaneously encouraging colorful flowers.
How Coffee Improves the Well-Being of Orchids:
Improved Blooming: Coffee, which is rich in potassium and other vital elements, encourages orchids to create beautiful flowers.
Higher-Grade Soil: Coffee grounds, when added to orchid potting mix, improve drainage and aeration, two factors that are critical to the plant's health and development.
Long-Term Viability: Recycling used coffee grounds into a plant fertilizer is an eco-friendly and practical way to recycle coffee grounds.
Coffee with Orchids: A Guide
To make a watered-down coffee solution, mix one cup of cooled black coffee with three cups of water. Instead of watering your orchids on a monthly basis, use it.
Combine dried coffee grounds with your orchid's soil in a 1:5 ratio for a coffee grounds mix. As a result, soil structure and water retention are both enhanced.