Italian Drunken Noodles

Life needs occasional upheaval to keep things exciting and moving forward, to maintain blood flow, and to avoid stagnation in various regions of the body.
I see life as a glass of unpasteurized fruit juice: as time goes on, the pulp—which holds all the tasty fruit—will sink to the bottom unless you give it a good shake, and the liquid on top will taste bland and watered down, never realizing its full flavor potential. If the flavor is only "OK" or "so-so," no one will be impressed.
Plus, it's easy to lose interest in anything when it's just "OK" or "so-so," isn't it?
But if you shake that lovely jug of unfiltered juice often, the sticky sediments will dissolve into the lovely liquid, giving each iced drink a revitalizing new flavor.
I feel that our lives are like a "juice jug" that, unless shaken every so often, would never be able to contain all the delicious flavors that life may bring. We'll just keep sipping the slender liquid on top till we start to realize that everything tastes rather dull, but we won't know why.
The items required: