It is highly recommended that you not wash eggs before using them. Doing so may lead to several issues.

Cooking eggs at a high temperature will protect you from this kind of infection. To prevent the growth of harmful germs, baking the food is the suggested method of cooking. There is a significant possibility that harmful germs may penetrate eggs via their shell. Despite the cuticle's protective role for the egg yolk and white, the shell has the potential to trap dirt. As a result, you shouldn't wash eggs.

The outer cuticle becomes more fragile as a result of this procedure, making it easier for germs to invade. After washing the eggs, be sure to dry them completely before cooking. Furthermore, keep the eggs in a sealed container in the fridge, apart from any other items.

Using a plastic or glass container is advised since the eggs might contaminate other meals. Things meant for kids that might spread salmonella also show this risk.