If you're going to discard onion peels, why not?

for the sake of attractiveness
Incorporating an onion peel into your beauty regimen may be a great asset, as it can improve the condition of your hair and skin.

One use for onion peels is as a facial toner; the antioxidants in them help ward off the free radicals that cause skin to age too quickly. To make your own face toner, just boil some peels in water, let them cool, and then apply the mixture to clean skin using a cotton swab.

As a second hair treatment, you may add strength and luster by massaging onion peels into your hair. Rinse your hair with the cooled liquid that you made by boiling the peels in water. Dandruff may be reduced and a healthy scalp can be promoted with this therapy.

Various perks
You may not realize this, but onion peels serve more than just aesthetic and gardening purposes.

One natural coloring option is to use onion peels to color cloth or even Easter eggs. To color an item, boil some water and add the peels. Colors ranging from light yellow to dark brown may be achieved by varying the duration of the soaking.

2. Compost enhancement: If you want to speed up the decomposition process and make better compost, add onion peels to your compost bin. They offer more nutrients.

3. Remedy at home: Onion peels contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities; so, they have traditionally been used to make infusions that alleviate flu and cold symptoms.

In conclusion, the peels of onions are a multipurpose resource that may be used in unexpected ways to improve your house and garden. Before you toss out those onion peels the next time you need to peel one, give some thought to the hidden uses for them.