If you want whiter sheets and softer towels, all you need is vinegar—but most people use it incorrectly. Let me show you how to utilize it correctly.

Tips for Using Vinegar in the Washing Machine
1. To Get Whiter Whites: While the machine is on the rinse cycle, pour in one cup of distilled white vinegar. Doing so will give the vinegar a chance to dissolve any remaining residue or stains, resulting in whiter-looking teeth.
2. To make towels softer, add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Restoring fluffiness and breaking down residues are both achieved by this.
3. Remove Stains: Apply a vinegar-and-water combination to the fabric before washing it to tackle very set-in stains.
4. Mildew Removal: Soak the towels in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to remove mildew. Then, wash them as normal.

If you follow these easy instructions, you won't even need to use commercial solutions loaded with chemicals to get better washing results. You can get brighter whites and softer towels using vinegar, and it's cheap, eco-friendly, and effective. If you want to notice the difference, try adding it to your washing regimen.