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Do you ever wish you could eat tacos but without the accompanying carbohydrates? The same! For that reason, I had to become inventive in the kitchen in order to satisfy both my cravings for Mexican food and my need to limit my carb intake. Introducing my take on healthy taco shells: cauliflower and spinach. They're delicious and nutritious. This recipe quickly became my go-to when I wanted tacos, drawing inspiration from traditional tortillas made with maize and wheat. If you're looking to include more vegetables into your diet, are gluten-free, or are on a ketogenic diet, these shells are perfect for you. You can wrap up all your favorite fillings in them and not feel guilty about it. Plus, they're quite adaptable!
Traditional Mexican sides are the perfect complement to these taco shells. Imagine tangy guacamole, fresh salsa, or a crunchy cilantro-lime slaw. To keep carbs to a minimum, why not round off your low-carb meal with a jicama salad and some grilled peppers?

Taco Shells with Cauliflower and Spinach
Four to six servings (equivalent to eight shells)
The Low Carb community
Recipe Items
- riced cauliflower, one medium head (approximately 4 cups)
Two big eggs, neatly chopped; two cups of fresh spinach
Two tablespoons of garlic powder and half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese
Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper according to your preference.
Greasing tools, such as cooking spray or oil
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