Crack eggs into ice cube tray & put in freezer. Here's why

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The nutritious content and adaptability of eggs make them a pantry staple in many homes. Although purchasing eggs by the dozen is a normal practice, have you ever thought of purchasing them in large quantities and storing them for a later time? With this interesting hack, you may extend the shelf life of an important cooking component while saving money and enjoying more ease.
This article will explore the pros and cons of buying eggs in quantity and freezing them for later use, as well as the reasons why you would wish to do so.

Reasons to Purchase Eggs in Large Quantities
Saving Money
Saving money is a major incentive to purchase eggs in quantity. Eggs are often more affordable per unit when bought in bulk. If eggs are a staple in your family's diet or if you use them often in the kitchen, this can be a great benefit. In the long term, you may save money by purchasing in bulk.