Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crock Pot

This crock pot dish is very delicious. In addition to being simple to make, it is filling, rich, and tasty. The secret to juicy, delicious chicken is a long, low cook time. As they soak up the chicken and soup flavors, the noodles make the whole dish delectable. Everyone will finish their food, even the most finicky eaters. I can already see this being a staple in my household.

This dish is delicious! Every time I make it, I follow the recipe to the letter (plus, I usually throw in a bag of mixed vegetables). A week ago, I prepared it using a combination of white and dark meat. Despite the unfortunate absence of frozen noodles, my supermarket had a package of cheese ravioli next to it. Considering that I tend to blindly follow recipes, this was nonetheless stressful for me! What a fantastic experience! Creamy and tasty, they didn't soak up liquid as noodles did. It was like a pot pie without the crust, I thought.