A son moved his mother into a nursing facility and paid her occasional visits. He received a call one day informing him that his mother was sick.

The mother went on to say that she wanted the fans replaced since they weren't working correctly and that she would sometimes suffocate due to them. "If you could also swap out the fridge..." The food had gone bad, so there were nights when I slept hungry..., she said.

It caught the son off guard. He believed his dying mother had no idea she was sick. He proceeded to inquire as to why she had withheld the information from him before. The time had passed.

Next, she met his gaze and said these words: "I am aware that I am dying, but when your children grow up, they won't want you around either... Plus, they'll bring you right here...Then, you'll discover more favorable circumstances... You receive out of life what you put into it... Remember that.

The son's heart was shattered into a million pieces by these remarks. Leaving his mother to the nursing home against her will was a mistake he knew.

We must always keep in mind that it is our duty to ensure that our parents enjoy their twilight years to the fullest.

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