This meal helped me remove fat from my liver, cleaned my intestines, and gave me back my eyesight at the age of sixty.

Getting Ready with Fresh Lemon Juice for Beets
To make this nutritious and purifying beverage, gather the following ingredients:

Two beets of modest size
A pair of lemons
Honey (for sweetness, optional)
The following are the guidelines for getting ready:

Beets should be cleaned, peeled, and then cut into cubes.
Press the lemon juice out.
Blend the water, lemon juice, and beet chunks in a blender until a smooth drink is achieved.
Blend the ingredients until they have a consistent texture.
If you want to improve the flavor, add some honey.
Savor this cool beverage made with beets and lemon!
Boost Your Health with Lemon Juice and Beets
You may encourage weight reduction and enhance the health of your digestive system by including lemon juice and beets into your daily routine. With the help of these organic components, you may naturally cleanse your body and enhance your health in a safe, enjoyable manner. To get the benefits of a healthy and functioning colon, choose the force of nature.