This could be my forever food. It's unbelievably tasty!

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Conjure up an image of your beloved bacon cheeseburger turned into a warm and inviting meatloaf. It's all about that in this dish! This bacon cheeseburger variation of classic meatloaf adds a playful touch while preserving all the characteristics of the renowned burger. It's a great meal for midweek dinners and suitable for families. Why not? It's also a popular at parties. Loaves of bread stuffed with savory ingredients like meat, bacon, and cheese are sure to be a hit.
For a diner-style meal, try this bacon cheeseburger meatloaf with some traditional sides. Potato salad or handmade French fries that are crunchy and light come to mind. A steaming pot of green beans or a crisp green salad provide a delicious and nutritious alternative. For that real burger experience, pair it with some dill pickles!

There are 6 servings of bacon cheeseburger meatloaf.

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