These are sooo good! Cheated on my diet once by going to a fast food joint for these suckers, but with this recipe, I don’t have to :)

For a tasty and nutritious twist on classic biscuits, try these Low Carb Biscuits in a Muffin Tin. These flavorful biscuits are a great alternative to traditional breakfast foods or snacks for anyone watching their carbohydrate intake or just seeking a healthier choice. This low-carb version of biscuits is a hit with anybody looking for a guilt-free treat, even though biscuits are usually linked with Southern food.
These biscuits are great on their own for breakfast or as an accompaniment to other dishes. These serving options are worth considering: Start by adding them to a bowl of hot, hearty soup or stew. Their savory flavor and fluffy texture will go well with the rich tastes of soups like chicken noodle or tomato. Second, for a fulfilling and low-carb breakfast, top them with fluffy scrambled eggs for a healthy start to the day. Finally, cut these low-carb biscuits in half and top with bacon, eggs, cheese, and avocado for a tasty low-carb sandwich alternative. They make a healthy and tasty sandwich basis.

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