Recipe for Crustless Vegetable Pie

This is a tasty and healthier take on conventional pies: a veggie pie without a crust. It is a dish that goes well with every meal since it is full of broccoli, peppers, and onions and is held together with a flavorful combination of eggs and milk. Here's how to create this delicious pie loaded with vegetables:

Regarding the Pie Filling:

2.2 pounds of floret-cut broccoli
One chopped red pepper and three diced green peppers
One onion, chopped finely
Three teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil
One tsp salt
A single spoonful of milk
Regarding the Dressing:

three eggs
1.7 glasses of milk
Five tsp olive oil
One teaspoon of salt and four teaspoons of all-purpose flour
One package (10 grams) of baking powder

One tablespoon of dill
Regarding the Topping: