Put one slice of lemon down the drain, and this common issue will be solved.

Allow the lemon slice's inherent qualities to clean and freshen the drain by leaving it in situ. You'll eventually notice a noticeable decrease in offensive smells.
Change Every Few Days: Change the lemon slice every two to three days for best results. This guarantees a steady supply of citric acid to neutralize smells. The lemon slice may lose its potency and get moldy if left out for too long.
Reinstall Drain Cover: After positioning the lemon slice, return the drain cover or grid to keep debris out of the drain and to let the perfume of the lemon waft.
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The advantages of using lemon
All-natural disinfectant The citric acid in lemons works as a natural disinfectant to clean and freshen the sink drain.
Environmentally Friendly: Use this non-toxic and environmentally friendly technique instead of harsh chemical cleansers.
Cost-Effective: Compared to commercial drain cleaning chemicals, lemons are cheap and easily accessible.
Ezoic Delightful Aroma: As the lemon works its magic on the drain, take pleasure in the pleasant, citrusy aroma filling your kitchen.
You can keep a clean kitchen without using harsh chemicals by including this easy lemon cure into your cleaning regimen. Try it out and bid foul drain smells farewell in a natural way!