Place a plastic bag over the broom, since this is a common household chore: excluding vacuum cleaners

Although the bristle brush may be used to remove larger amounts of dirt from the floor, dust cannot be completely removed from the floor. To be precise, dust ultimately gets on the furniture since brooms with soft bristles especially like to mix up dust. It is normally better to vacuum after the bulk has been gathered for this specific reason.

The vacuum cleaner is able to gather dust particles of all sizes, even the smallest ones. Using this equipment will ensure that the floor stays clean and that you have no trouble raising dust. Even if there are more and more cordless vacuum cleaners on the market as of late, this vacuum cleaner still has some disadvantages, including being heavy, loud, and having a cable that doesn't always reach everything.

However, if you don't have a vacuum, you may want to consider wiping the surface down with an electrostatic cloth after using a regular broom to remove most of the dirt. These cloths have much the same purpose, which is to gather any dust residue that could stick to them. Additionally, they can travel anywhere, including under the sofa or bed, provided you set them on a flat, bristle-free broom.

All things considered, these three methods enable spotless flooring throughout the facility, even in the most obscure areas. Furthermore, it is important to regularly clean the floors, especially in the sections of the house where food is consumed and there is a chance that food particles may spill onto the floor. To do this, walk through every room in the home before shutting the doors. By doing this, dust is kept from spreading throughout the home.