Keep your toilet paper rolls if you are a gardener. This is the reason

Rolls of toilet paper may be a useful barrier against weeds. Just lay them around the young plants' bases. This will enable your plants to develop robustly and healthily while helping to keep weeds at away.
3. Feeders for birds
To attract beneficial birds to your landscape, turn your toilet paper rolls into bird feeders. Take a toilet paper roll, spread peanut butter on the exterior, then roll it in birdseed. Watch the birds come to your garden as you slide the roll onto a tree limb.
4. Tubes for composting
To accelerate the composting process, bury toilet paper rolls vertically in your mound of compost. This will produce air pockets. As the rolls decompose, they will release carbon into your compost.
5. Plant Protection Wrap a toilet paper roll around the stem of a young plant to protect it from pests. By doing this, you may protect them from slugs and other ground-dwelling pests.

Reusing toilet paper rolls allows you to get the most out of them and helps make gardening a more sustainable hobby. Don't forget to use these recommendations in your yard!