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Just as I was ready to leave the exhibition, I walked across this bakery that smelled delicious. It had bright orange packaging and a wonderful assortment of baked goods. I figured I may as well get a few to munch on around teatime as I haven't tried this outlet yet.

Sweet Dessert Yeah, sure.
Sure enough, it looks like a well—a velvety one, no less! :D A velvety smoothness characterized the pudding filling. Aside from the bread itself, there's not much to chew on; if you aren't cautious, it will slip down your throat, haha. It's almost liquid-like in its pliability. On the topic of flavor, I would suggest that the pudding might need a little more sweetness—maybe some sweet corns?—to make it more appealing. But the interior was soft and tender, while the outside bread was a little tough.How to Make the Recipe:

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