I always make this for every party, and it never lasts – the mason jar gets polished off!


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Marinated cheese is so delicious and easy to make. I used to help my mom make these mouth-watering delicacies whenever we had parties or holidays. I feel like I'm transported back in time with this Herb and Garlic Marinated Cheese dish. In addition to improving the cheese's taste, marinating it in a mixture of herbs and garlic makes for an attractive and useful present. Anyone looking to elevate their appetizer spread or locate the ideal handmade present will discover this recipe to be of the utmost perfection.
A buffet of fresh fruit or cured meats goes well with this marinated cheese, and it also goes great with crackers or crusty toast. It goes well with charcuterie boards or even on its own as a snack at a laid-back outdoor party. Pair it with a glass of your go-to wine—a dry white or a delicate red would work well.
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Mason jar of herb-garlic-seasoned cheese, yielding six servings.

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