Classic Chicken Fried Steak


This is so delicious that I could continue eating it throughout the whole day!

The timeless appeal of a traditional chicken fried steak is unquestionably soothing, particularly on cold nights when one craves a taste of southern solace.

Derived from the traditional cuisine of German and Austrian immigrants, Wiener Schnitzel, this popular food item from the American South has gained widespread popularity.

Chicken fried steak is an excellent choice for a substantial evening meal and is a superb method to enhance the flavor of cube steak. If you are looking to introduce someone to Midwestern cuisine or just seeking a rich and indulgent supper, this dish is certain to fulfill your desires.

Chicken fried steak complements traditional accompaniments that effectively counterbalance its indulgent flavors.

Classic options include a generous portion of velvety mashed potatoes or corn coated in butter.

If you like a more crispy accompaniment, you may consider choosing coleslaw or green beans. Additionally, it is crucial to remember to include a substantial amount of creamy, peppery white gravy in order to fully enhance the whole dining experience.

List of ingredients