artisanal solid shampoo using aloe vera to leave hair glossy

Perhaps a picture of two individuals using castile soap.

We are well aware of the high cost of fragrance goods, of which there are many options for various hair types and requirements when it comes to hair care. Nonetheless, the general population is aware of the environmentally hazardous chemicals they contain.

It's fascinating to learn about the natural, aloe vera-based home treatments we may employ to maintain the health of our hair.

Actually, this plant is a member of the succulent family, which has several advantages for hair. As a result, the following is a recipe or home remedy for making an aloe vera solid shampoo:

homemade solid aloe vera shampoo
This handmade shampoo is unique in that it comes in a non-plastic bottle, meaning that it is guaranteed to help the hair 100% by repairing, moisturizing, and nourishing it.

The recipe, along with a list of necessary components and the whole process, is below:


One Aloe vera leaf
500 grams of glycerin
two tablespoons lemon juice
150 milliliters. from water with minerals
Two tablespoons almond oil
One rosemary sprig
One medium-sized container
One Use Blender Brush
Two Pot Molds
In Detail:
First, we need to manually or with the aid of a spoon remove the aloe vera pulp.
After we remove it, we put it in the blender with the sprig of rosemary. We add a little water to the mixture if we observe that it needs it. Let's focus on consistency; at the proper stage, it ought to resemble a gel.
In the meanwhile, we grate the 500 grams of glycerin and reserve.
The next step is to bring it to a bain-marie by taking the mixture-containing saucepan and putting it in another pot that has water in it until it is about halfway full. We know that we bring it to a boil when necessary.