This One Pot Mexican Rice Casserole with Ground Beef is a simple, savory, and fast meal.  Beef, rice, corn, and a plethora of taco taste come together in this delicious dish that the whole family is sure to like.

One-Pot Mexican Rice with Castellone—
Like the Mexican rice at everyone's favorite restaurant, this dish has a familiar flavor.  With the exception that it may be transformed into a substantial dinner in only thirty minutes!  Since everyone in my family loves this rice casserole, it has never left my kitchen.  It was once something I'd whip up and pop in the oven.  It wasn't until I thought of a stovetop one-pan meal that it clicked.

It should come as no surprise that one-pot dishes are my culinary obsession. Another one of my passions is Mexican cuisine. You are well aware that I couldn't resist fusing my two passions into the most exquisite one-pot Mexican stew.

What You Need:
1-Pound Meat Meat
1 small diced onion, season with salt and pepper to taste
Taco Seasoning, 2 tablespoons
*Garlic Powder, 1 teaspoon
1 cup of white long-grain rice
1.5 cups of beef broth Can of 15 oz. of drained corn
8 liquid ounces Spaghetti Sauce
Salsa, 1/2 cup
Chopped Cheese, 1 Cup
The 30-Minute Mexican Rice Casserole Recipe
Over medium-high heat, cook the ground beef and onion in a big pan with salt and pepper to taste, until the meat is cooked through and no longer pink. If needed, remove the grease.
After seasoning the steak with taco seasoning and garlic powder, return the pan to the fire.
Just before serving, combine the corn, salsa, rice, stock, and tomato sauce.
Heap the ingredients into a boil. Simmer the rice for 18–20 minutes with the lid on, until it reaches a soft consistency.
Put the cheese on top and put the cover back on the pan. Let it melt for a couple of minutes.